Pelopor Adventure Resources is basically a company offering an outdoor adventure and recreational sports as well as a provider of certified training. Our company organizes amazing, fun and awesome module with educational activities which includes Eco Team Building, Corporate Team Building, Leadership Program and Outdoor activities. We, Peloporians are trained and certified youth in Outdoor Recreational Sports & Leadership Course. Apart from these we are actually supported by tourism-based magazines like Libur and Santai Travels in Malaysia, we provides reports and articles on various hiking, 4WD & jungle trekking activities all over Malaysia and abroad.

With the new development and innovation in training approaches, we move one step ahead from our competitors, thus making us the leader in adventure trainings. We have created activities that are suitable and do able for all walks of life so that everyone could and able to participate as well as learn from it. The fundamental element is that we use this amazing technique called experiential learning method. Our company humble beginning was as a group of outdoor enthusiasts, “PERSATUAN REKREASI LUAR KUALA LUMPUR” or PELUPOR, in the early 1980’s.

One of the founding members, Mr Salatul Kamal Md Nazir, sees the endless support and fast growth of the group. He then expands it into a stronger bond which leads to the birth of the company: Pelopor Adventure Resources. With 25 years of experiences in outdoor recreational sports under his belt, combined with his pure passion and commitment to the outdoor world, he has steered the company to a much stable path to grow and developed into an established and reliable training company. Acknowledged and well known for outdoor sports adventure activities to among the government agencies, private sectors, universities, colleges and also youth organizations.

We started in 2010, hand in hand with NEXT COACH ONLINE; the company had various organizations into the world of training and team building activities. Presently with more than 1000 active members, 50 of them are certified Recreational Trainers and also HRDF accredited trainers. We have organized several of Team Building and Corporate trainings events all over Malaysia. We provide essential tools and coaching with an easily accessible style and also packed with lots of values. We believe everything begins with reflection and credibility.

Our Vision

Is to become a leader in our training development industry and raise our standards of performance with a great result. We will always ensure that we exceeded our customer expectations resulting in customer delight. We want to create more and more opportunities by constant learning of new skills specifically on best training methods.


Our Mission

Is to provide the highest quality trainings and develops a new effective and efficient way to achieve an organizations goal.


Core Values

Our commitment to offer nothing but the very best is reflected in our vision and mission statements. Today we exist because of our great customer and therefore we are very grateful to all our customers who have made us who we are. We are now strive to take our organization to next new level where we believe we can serve our customers even better and sustain our reputation of quality through excellent service in customer care, friendly and professional staff.


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