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We had organized more than 100 events since 1985 and our client includes government agencies, private sectors, schools and university collages. Outdoor adventure and recreational sports is considered as our core business. Our team eagerness and passion on outdoor sport activities are undeniable especially mount climbing and we have explored more than 80 mountains in Malaysia and also in other countries. We are the experts in white water rafting, jungle trekking, canoeing, rope related activities and caves exploration activities. We are very well known and therefore we have an excellent track record of our activities and also great reputation in outdoor adventure industry in Malaysia. One of the main factors how we can still survive and stand upright in the industry is because of our love to the natures, flora & fauna. Besides, healthy outdoor activity and our effort to contribute to the country on exploring tourism spot can be utilized make us commit to do more exploration and expanding outdoor adventure business. With our knowledge and experience, of course we can serve you the best adventurous trip that your organization had ever before. We want to help you reach each and every one’s goals! Whether you want take up day hikes, paddling a canoe or go back packing we are with you! We will show you the natural world from a whole new perspective and Malaysian very own hospitality. So, leave the rigors of your daily life and come along with us. Just us, for a naturalist-led tours and education programs and make a new discoveries for a memorable, exciting, and fun outdoor adventure. Together we will visit some spectacular places in Malaysia and also other countries. We might be following a rushing stream as it winds through our river and witness some of the most truly awesome sights.

Perhaps we might be in some caves such as Gunung Senyum exploring our natural heritage of eco richness or padding the cool, clear waterfalls.

We will make your travels exciting, comfortable and economical; we ensure you have a great experience travelling with us PELOPOR ADVENTURE RESOURCES. We offer a range of tours and travels services for you. So start planning on a great escapade today.

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