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We are tight- knit team of professionals experience in the outdoor tourism that combine with training developments skills with our corporate training partners together to achieve our objectives. It would be no understatement to say that without any of our core team members, Pelopor Adventure Resources wouldn’t be able to offer the comprehensive set of services it offers today, and would perhaps find it extremely difficult to generate the kind of customer satisfaction that it does across all our location. We came as ordinary individuals with determination to achieve our goal on outdoor sports & recreational but today we are a great team.

Here are the key people who make PELOPOR ADVENTURE RESOURCES:

Below are details of all our team members and also their backgrounds.

Mr Salatul Kamal
Chief Executive Officer

Kamal is one of the founding members of Pelopor Adventure Resources. He is a Season Trekker, Outward Bound Coach, Mountaineer and Entrepreneur. Having worked at different levels of the tourism industry and outdoor trainings, he realized that it was perhaps best that he started something on his own to offer customers the best combination of what he has learnt over the years. He collaborated with a small set of like-minded, qualified and experienced people, and the result was Pelopor Adventure Resources.

Kamal today is responsible for the overall vision of Pelopor Adventure Resources and for managing successful service delivery across all over Malaysia and abroad. Kamal is also certified national level 3 trainer for Ministry Youth and Sports Malaysia. Serving the community through tourism related opportunities, Kamal is much respected around this region.

Engku Dayana Athirah
Operating Manager

Dayana is a professional corporate business consultant. Her roles in managerial are more challenging and under her administration she have created a great relationship with everyone. She is well known for her dynamic business ideas and her communication skills are very much straightforward. She starts as a outdoor participants and sooner joint Pelopor Adventure Resources to support our business and administration.

Dr.Ted Adzelan
[PHD, Organizational Psychology (WU, USA) Certified Business Coach & Master Trainer ]
Pelopor Senior Advisor

Dr Ted Adzelan is renowned master trainer and a dynamic speaker. For the past 17 years he has worked with hundreds of organizations in the areas of leadership training, motivation, team building, team bonding, business coaching and organizational development. He is a PSMB Certified trainer with a vast of experience in management trainings. Dr Ted Adzelan uses his stages name to excel in the training world merging creativity and technology as his forte in developing and delivering trainings. He is also Pelopor Adventure Resources senior adviser and supporting new trainees and to conduct Train-the Trainer courses.

Stan Sum Leong
Senior Marketing Executive

Leong has been with Pelopor Adventure Resources right from the start, and has used his understanding of the business and market requirements to lead the rise of Pelopor Adventure Resources as a brand in the minds of our customers. He is responsible for leveraging his huge contacts base, the media, and his deep understanding of market realities to drive the strategic positioning of Pelopor Adventure Resources as a leader in the travel and tourism industry. An avid explorer, Leong has always takes up the role as a "sweeper" during hiking and rest assured that everyone will have a safe journey.

Mahanum Fauzi
Training Coordinator

Anum is currently working with Ministry Of Youth & Sports as an officer and supports us on our sports & outdoor recreational and teambuilding events. She has been actively involved with Pelopor Adventure Resources ever since she was a student. Her passion on outdoor makes valuable contribution in her career and therefore she finds lots of learning point which is very useful. Her dedication on exploring on a new skill has an advantage being in Ministry of Youth & Sports. She supports us on facilitation and also helps to coordinate our events.

Suppiah Doraisamy @ Sam
Senior Marketing Executive / Public Relation Officer

Sam is a marketing expert focused on helping companies bring more humanity back to our businesses effectiveness to engage and build relationships with our entire customer. He is also responsible in maintaining and builds relationships with customers. He is also certified Outward Bound Trainer and always leads the entire participant in all jungle tracking event. He is also responsible in all our planning, developing, implementing PR strategies and marketing in our team. Sam has been with Pelopor Adventure Resources since 1998. He is also our key personal in the all event we organize.

Zulfahimi Bin Roslan
Recreational Sports Cordinator

Zul Mimi is an outdoor expert and recreational sport events. His ultimate goal is to share on how to improve physical fitness with his athletic experience. He shares the importance of a proper warm-up and cools down exercise. During our training processes he is guy who will help us to coordinates activity involving physical exercise. It is very less stressful and fun when he is around moreover he is an extremely energetic personality. He believes a recreational sport is an essential part of human life.

Tracy Cheong Yee Chi
Sales & Marketing Executive

Tracy is highly trained personality in business financing and corporate solutions. Her involvement with Pelopor Adventure Resources was back in many years when she joins as participant for a climbing event. She loves outdoor activities and therefore she find Pelopor were among the best. Tracy has been active volunteering works with Malaysian Red Crescent Society (MRCS) focusing mainly in youth development and trainings. She supports focusing on our business development and does marketing on our training promotions.

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