Q 1. Who will facilitate the programs ?

Ans : Certified Coach & Trainers who has years of vast experience in corporate management and entrepreneur experience and training scope that covers coaching, communication, mindset change, sales, team performance, development workshops and transformational leadership.

Q 2. Does your trainers & coaches are HRDF recognizable ?

Ans : Absolutely yes! All our trainers & coaches are certified and accredited by HRDF.

Q 3. Is our team building really worth u ?

Ans : Simple we understand in your organization are the most valuable resource is your people therefore we believe can deliver the higher level boosters to your organization to have possible impact on over our method of trainings and accelerate their potentials to maximize your business growth.

Q 4. What about safety of participants ?

Ans : Safety comes first and we ensure it is number one priority. And as simple as ABC Always Be Careful .All our trainers and facilitators are trained personals and knows their action plans and always prepared with any situations. Normally in any activities we will debrief all our safety measures to our participants.

Q 5. Where do your program location will be ?

Ans : Well that depends on customer and where they want us to conduct our training processes but since we also deals with various finest resorts, hotels, private estates, chalets suites and conference hall. We will able to recommend places according to client’s budget, preferences and comfort.

Q 6. What about your price ?

Ans : For a quality training our price are pretty much competitive.

Q 7. Do you all handle hotels and resorts bookings as well?

Ans : Yes we do it upon request since our knowledge and experiences are also in traveling industry we don’t mind, plus we also do additional services for our clients such as: - transports booking services, team building t-shirts printing, goodie bags, personal gift and many more. Simple to say we are one stop centre.

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